Eritrean soldiers shoot civilians in Tigray … and die Number of victims is 19 wounded

Eritrean soldiers shot civilians Tgray Ethiopian Region Which is a witness of a war which, according to identical sources, resulted in the wounding of 19 people on Tuesday.

Doctors and eyewitnesses said the accident happened early Monday in in the city of Adwa. “We heard gunfire and were immediately called to the hospital,” a doctor told AFP.

“When we arrived there were 19 patients. Ten of them were seriously injured, four were moderately severe and five were slightly wounded,” added this doctor, who for fear of reprisals for anonymity bat.

An eyewitness stated that die Bullets aimed at civilians die queued in front of a bank and others, die were on their way to work.

The witness added: “In previous massacres, Eritrean soldiers got out of vehicles and attacked civilians, but this time they opened fire with their machine guns from their cars when they did die Main road in Adwa crossed. “

Adwa residents said that Eritreans were easily identified by their uniforms and dialect.

The humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders wrote on its Twitter account on Tuesday that 18 wounded arrived at Adwa Hospital and that 11 wounded were “seriously injured” in die City of Axum in the west.

The organization, die die Nationality of the soldiers involved, not specified, stated that “die Injured say that die soldiers in near the bus station in Adwa have opened fire on them, “however, voicing their” concern about die ongoing violence in Tigray “.

On Tuesday evening, the Eritrean information minister refused to comment on the incident. Asmara previously denied information about Eritreans, die Violations of die Civilians had committed, including massacres and rapes.

The most recent incident came more than two weeks after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced the start of the withdrawal of Eritrean forces from the area.

Abiy announced at the beginning of November 2020 die Dispatch of the federal army to Tigray to die Arrest leaders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front die Addis Ababa, their armed forces, accused of attacking die To have carried out military camps of the federal forces.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front, die at that time this region ruled, dominated fast for three decades die national politics in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Army received die Support for armed forces from Eritrea, the country bordering Tigray in the north, and the Ethiopian Amhara region, die in the south die Region borders.

Abyei declared victory on November 28 after being die Provincial capital Mekele had conquered.

Addis Ababa and Asmara have consistently denied any actual participation of the Eritrean armed forces in the war, which contradicts the statements of residents, human rights organizations, aid workers, diplomats and even some Ethiopian civil and military officials.

My father finally gave up in March die Presence of these forces too.

The number of Eritrean soldiers in the region is unknown and whether any of them die region in has actually left the past few weeks.

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