Eruption: Unpublished Michael Crichton Novel to be Released with the Collaboration of James Patterson

Michael Crichton’s Unpublished Novel to be Released with James Patterson


Get ready for an exciting announcement! It has been almost fifteen years since the acclaimed science fiction writer Michael Crichton, known for his thrilling novels like Jurassic Park and Westworld, passed away. However, fans will soon have the chance to read one of his previously unpublished works, thanks to a collaboration between Crichton’s estate and the prolific author James Patterson.

New Novel “Eruption” to be Released

Hachette Book Group’s Little, Brown and Company is set to release Crichton’s unfinished manuscript titled Eruption on June 3, 2024, according to a report from Deadline. This collaboration between Crichton’s estate and Patterson is being hailed as one of the most extraordinary literary partnerships in history.

A Thrilling Narrative Set in Hawaii

The unfinished literary gem entrusted to Patterson by Sherri Crichton, the author’s wife and CEO of CrichtonSun, takes readers on a high-stakes adventure. The story revolves around a volcanic eruption on Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, posing a global risk due to a hidden cache of chemical weapons.

Return to Hawaii, the Setting of “Jurassic Park”

Fans of Crichton’s work will be excited to explore the captivating setting of Hawaii once again, which was famously featured in the filming of “Jurassic Park.” During that production, the cast faced life-threatening challenges, making the movie adaptation one of the best and earning over $6 billion worldwide.

A Collaboration of Literary Giants

With over 400 million copies sold, James Patterson has been recognized as the world’s most successful author since 2001. He enthusiastically expressed his honor in being entrusted with Crichton’s extraordinary story and bringing the late author’s brilliant ideas to life in “Eruption.”

Deep Passion and Extensive Research

Crichton’s deep passion for Hawaii shines through in “Eruption,” aided by his extensive scientific research, detailed outlines, and interviews with volcanologists. His wife shared how the novel was his passion project, set in the place that inspired him the most.

A Collaboration Shaped by Visionary Partners

The collaboration between the Crichton estate and James Patterson became possible through CrichtonSun’s partnership with Shane Salerno and The Story Factory. Salerno contributed to reimagining Crichton’s stories into successful sci-fi movies, TV series, and literary works.

An Anticipated Release with Uncertain Outcomes

As fans eagerly await the release of “Eruption,” they wonder if it will follow the success of other sci-fi thrillers based on Crichton’s work, like “Westworld,” or achieve the blockbuster status of the “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” series. Time will reveal the novel’s fate.

Mark Your Calendars and Prepare for Adventure

Make a note of June 3, 2024, and get ready to embark on a journey of volcanic suspense and adventure. This collaboration between two literary legends promises to captivate readers. Additionally, fans can explore our list of sci-fi movies with high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes or enjoy streaming the first trilogy of films based on “Jurassic Park” with a Peacock subscription.

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