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Ethiopia announces its intention to establish military bases in the Red Sea


Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Dina Al-Mufti announced today, Wednesday, die His country’s intention to establish military bases in the Red Sea is known.

He said during a press conference in the capital Addis Ababa that “various countries are showing an interest in die Control the Red Sea region by building more military bases than ever before. “

He also stated that his country is paying close attention to this issue, noting that die situation in change in the region, describing it as “worrying”.

Regarding the concerns of Egypt and Sudan after Prime Minister Abi Ahmed recently announced the construction of new dams, Mufti replied: “What is the problem if the sovereign on his land says that we will build as long as his land is bound by international law? 100 or 1,000 new dams. “

bad faith

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said at the opening ceremony of a new road today that his country will have more than 100 small and medium-sized dams in the coming new fiscal year in different regions will build resistance against Ethiopia, so die Ethiopian news agency “INA”.

On the other hand, Egypt replied, stressing that die Explanation once more die Bad faith of Ethiopia and its dealings with the Nile and other international rivers, die shares it with neighboring countries as if they were inner rivers, die subject to its sovereignty and used for its purpose reveals interests. “

A photo from the Reuters archives of one side of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The dispute over the Renaissance dam

It is noteworthy that a sharp dispute between the downstream countries Egypt and Sudan as well as Ethiopia over die Rules for die Filling and operation of the renaissance dam has not yet ended; the renaissance dam will be on schedule.

As an appointment for die Ethiopia announced the second filling in July, but Egypt and Sudan are demanding before this step die Signing of a legally binding agreement.

The tripartite negotiations between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt failed because Ethiopia insisted not to sign a binding legal agreement and only exchange data on the dam, but Egypt said it did die Renaissance Dam data. For its part, Sudan warned of the negative effects on its dams if all parties did not sign a legal agreement on the Renaissance dam.

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