Ethiopia: at the end of the military operation against Tigray, with the achievement of its objectives

The office of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed said on Thursday that the military operation against the Tigray Front has ended with the achievement of its main objectives.

“The operation that was launched recently ended with the achievement of the main objectives . I ordered the National Defense Forces on the eastern fronts of Amhara and Afar to remain in waiting in the newly liberated areas, “he added via Twitter the Prime Minister’s office.

Human shields

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian government has warned that the Tigray Front plans to use children and civilians as human shields in front of the Ethiopian army as it enters the region.

Government spokesman Legsy Tolo said the Tigray Front transported thousands of dead to Amhara province and buried them in mass graves in the province of Tigray, in an attempt to accuse the army of committing crimes during its entry into the region.

Moved from Tigray (AFP)
Moved from Tigray (AFP)

He added that the government has ordered the military to remain in the areas it recaptured in Tigray for the time being, until further instructions, to thwart the plans of the front.

The end of the first phase

He stressed that the Ethiopian army has completed the first phase of military operations against the Tigray Liberation Front by removing it from the Amhara and Afar regions and inflicting heavy casualties on it.

It is reported that tens of thousands of people were killed in the Tigray conflict that broke out in November 2020 between Ethiopian forces and Tigray fighters who dominated the national government before Abiy became prime minister in 2018.

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