Ethiopia prepares for the third filling of the dam .. “the downstream countries must adapt”

Ethiopian authorities announced their plan to clear 17,000 hectares of forest next month on Thursday evening. in preparation of the third fill of the Renaissance Dam lake.

This took place during a meeting attended by Ethiopian Irrigation Minister, Engineer Aisha Mohamed, Governor of Benishangul Gomez El Shazly Hassan, and Ethiopian federal government officials in the city of Asusa, capital of the Benishangul Gomez region. , in where the Renaissance dam is located.

The Benishangul Gomez regional government released a statement in which states that the meeting highlighted the rapid removal of 17,000 hectares of forest next month, in preparation of the third fill of the Renaissance Dam lake.

He added that they are in preparations were made to complete the requirements for the third phase of deforestation for the third filling of the Renaissance dam, noting that the deforestation will be completed within 60 days of the start of the works.

The statement quoted the governor of the region, Al-Shazly Hassan, as confirming the provision of the support and insurance needed to complete the work, stating that the security forces will place in safety thearea to speed up work before the rainy season begins.

Ethiopian authorities had cleared 4,854 hectares of forest before the dam’s second filling last July.

On Thursday, Ethiopia announced that it will soon start producing power from the Renaissance dam, again in dispute with the downstream countries of Egypt and Sudan.

Ethiopian foreign ministry spokesman, ambassador, Dina Mufti, said: “Producing energy from the Renaissance dam does not mean stopping tripartite negotiations on the issues in suspended. The negotiations will continue to reach a win-win solution “.

The Grand Mufti of the downstream countries asked to “adapt to what the Renaissance dam has achieved, since its completion has become a fait accompli”.

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