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Ethiopia repeats: fill out its appointment . and the dam is a great renaissance for us

Despite objections from the rest of the parties, Addis Ababa is continuing its plans to fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on its scheduled date next July.

After the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed announced a few days ago that his country had achieved its annual goal of filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, he returned today and confirmed that it was waiting for July to deal with the second filling to start there is a great renaissance for her.

The Ethiopian government announced a week ago that Addis Ababa would carry out the process of filling the Renaissance Dam a second time as planned, accusing external and internal parties of causing chaos and destabilizing the country.

Refill on time

Abi Ahmed said after a session of the National Security Council that these parties are “working to throw the country into chaos,” but pointed out that, “Despite the conspiracies and pressures, Ethiopia die exercised on the land, die The Renaissance Dam will make a second occupation on the scheduled date, and elections will be held. “”.

He repeatedly emphasized his intention in the rainy season in to begin the second phase of replenishing the dam reservoir in the coming months of July and August, which Cairo and Khartoum reject.

Relationships get worse

Relations between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan are growing strained due to the renaissance dam that Addis Ababa built over the Blue Nile, the Nile’s largest tributary.

Sudan had proposed prosecuting Ethiopia if it continued to fill the Renaissance Dam without a tripartite agreement that includes Egypt.

Egypt and Sudan blame Ethiopia for the failure of the negotiations for being adamant and refusing to sign a binding deal on the dam.

Weeks ago, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi warned that any violation of his country’s share of the Nile waters would require a response, die “die Affect the stability of the entire region “.

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