Ethiopia: Sudan enforced its claims at the border by force

Today, Thursday, the Ethiopian Foreign Minister confirmed that Sudan had enforced its claims at the border with reference to the Al-Fashqa border area between the two countries.

The Ethiopian statements came days after the Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Army confirmed that die Armed forces of his country in the region would stay around die Limits and die Protect people.

Pointed on July 16 die Sudanese army launched an attack by Ethiopian troops on the Jabal Tayyara area northeast of the Al-Anfal camp in the eastern village of Qalabat in the state of Gedaref in Eastern Sudan.

The Sudanese army began its control of most of the land of Al-Fashqa, which had been occupied by Ethiopian militias since 1994 die Enforce clearing of strategic mountains and their stationing, such as Jabal Abu Birds.

Sudanese Army faced

The Sudanese Armed Forces and die Reserve troops of the 2nd Infantry Division faced the Ethiopian Armed Forces, die carried out the attack two kilometers from the East Sindi region die Ethiopian farmers in to support the Little Fashqa in the management of Sudanese countries.

The Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Army visits Al-Fashaqa

The Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Army visits Al-Fashaqa

It is noteworthy that die Sudanese army has been campaigning since last November to return land that Ethiopian militias have farmed for decades after evicting their owners from Sudanese farmers at gunpoint.

These operations created noticeable tension in relations between Sudan and Ethiopia, that die Rejects movements by the Sudanese armed forces at the borders and regards them as an attack on its citizens, while Khartoum says that die Sudanese armed forces can be relocated within its borders as a guaranteed right.

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