Ethiopia: We ask Sudan to withdraw from our lands and to resort to dialogue to resolve the conflict

Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Dina Mufti said Thursday that her country is once again asking Sudan to withdraw from its lands and hold discussions to reach a pace lasting in compliance with existing conflict resolution mechanisms.

“We have dealt with the situation relating to the border dispute between the two countries with the utmost patience and civility”, added the spokesperson. in a note to the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry.

This comes after Addis Ababa accused Khartoum of supporting Tigray fighters to sabotage the Renaissance Dam. Sudan has denied these allegations entirely. The councilor for i media of the commander in head of the Sudanese armed forces, Al-Taher Abu Haja, said the Ethiopian regime should solve its internal problems “away from Sudan”.

A statement posted by the Sudanese Armed Forces on Facebook quoted Abu Haja as saying: “We followed statements attributed to the Ethiopian army that speak of the Sudanese Armed Forces’ support for armed groups that tried to sabotage the Renaissance dam. We confirm that this is the accusation. is unfounded “.

He also stressed that “Sudan and its army do not interfere in the internal affairs of neighboring Ethiopia or others”, calling on the Ethiopian leadership to work to resolve its conflicts away from Sudan’s involvement. in they, as stated.

‘harsh reality’

Furthermore, he saw the Sudanese declaration on the “difficult reality experienced by the Ethiopian regime due to its continuous violations of the rights of its people”.

This came after the Ethiopian Ministry of Defense announced yesterday that it had foiled a terrorist attack by elements of the Tigray Front to hit the Renaissance dam, and clashed with militants, which led to the killing of dozens of militants.

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