Ethiopia’s PM vows to dismantle armed groups in certain states

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pledged yesterday to dismantle the forces set up by some states, warning that counter measures will be taken against any “subversive” opposition in civilian life.

Yesterday the Ethiopian prime minister confirmed, in a statement posted on his Twitter account, that his country “has encountered difficulties regarding special forces in the states”, referring to the existence of illegal checkpoints, smuggling operations and road blockades.

The Ethiopian constitution allows each of the 11 states that make up the country, distributed by language and culture, to set up its own police, but in the last 15 years, some states have set up special forces that are not permitted by the constitution.

In the state of Amhara, bordering Tigray, such forces and local militias have supported government forces in their war against rebels in the region until an agreement was reached pace in November 2022.

The Prime Minister said: “Your government will try to explain (the decision) and convince those who oppose it without understanding it”, noting that “law enforcement measures will be taken against those who play a deliberately destructive role”. “the decision will run out (although we will have to) pay the price”. For the sake of Ethiopia’s unity… and the reassurance of the people.

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