Euro-American statement: We are concerned about die Iran violates the nuclear deal

On Tuesday, a joint Euro-American statement expressed their concern die Violation of the nuclear deal by Iran and supported die Vienna talks, um die Facilitate the United States’ return to the agreement signed in 2015.

The statement touched on Russia’s record, affirmed its full readiness to respond decisively to Russia’s repeated negative behavior, condemned its repeated violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty and called on Moscow to release all political prisoners.

He also expressed concern about die Tensions in the South China Sea region. Both sides are committed to working towards reform of the World Health Organization.

5 years of truce

This happened after die European Union and die The United States announced on Tuesday a five-year truce to settle the long-standing dispute over Airbus and Boeing that had poisoned their relationship as a sign of calm between the two parties after years of Donald Trump tensions.

European and US officials confirmed on Tuesday that an agreement had been reached between the European Union and the United States to resolve their longstanding dispute over illegal subsidies to Airbus and Boeing for die To be included in the aviation industry.

Euro-American statement: We are concerned about die Iran violates the nuclear deal

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

A new chapter in Open relationships

“The meeting started with advances in aircraft. Together we decided to resolve this dispute. Today we kept our promise,” said die President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, after US President Joe Biden to the first EU-US summit since 2017 in Brussels had arrived.

She added: “This agreement opens a new chapter in our relationships as we move from disagreement to aviation cooperation after 17 years of conflict. “

The United States is trying die Support to the European Union in to win their power struggle with China and want to use this summit to die To calm relations between both sides of the Atlantic.

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