Europe and die Gray wolves … A shadow of an escalation between Brussels and Ankara

A few days ago the European Parliament approved a recommendation to classify a Turkish extremist organization as a “terrorist” group, die especially after the tensions in the relationship between both sides against the background of further tensions between the European Union and Turkey could announce the Turkish exploration for oil resources in the eastern Mediterranean in disputed areas, between Ankara on the one hand and Athens and Nicosia on the other.

Last Monday, the European Parliament adopted a recommendation to ban the activities of the Gray Wolves organization within the European Union, based on a report presented at the end of May by Nacho Sanchez Amor, a member of the Spanish Parliament of the Socialist Party in his report that part of the Turkish community behaves politically. Orders come directly from Ankara.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry considered the report by the Spaniard, who is also a member of the European Parliament, “biased and unacceptable”.

On the subject, said Rami Aziz, a political analyst and researcher in the affairs of extremist groups: “If we are die European scene in in reference to die Looking at the Gray Wolf organization, we find that die main countries in Europe have agreed to some times over die Danger of this organization, like France, which banned its activities on its territory. Except Germany have die The Netherlands and other European countries took similar measures as Paris.

thats why die Recommendation of the EU Parliament a commitment to this danger and an expression of the Union’s fear of gray wolves due to their extremist activities. “

No less dangerous than die brotherhood

Opposite He added: “It is known that this organization is a military arm of the right-wing National Movement Party in Turkey is and is involved in their government and is directed against Kurds, Armenians and other minorities no less dangerous than die Muslim Brotherhood since die to merge the two organizations on the idea of ​​restoring the Ottoman Empire. That is why the European Parliament has opposed it, especially since die The Gray Wolf’s record is full of attacks on minorities and the spread of hatred. ”

He also saw that “the gray wolves are invading in the security establishment in Germany is reasonably successful, which is why die The European Union’s concern for them grew “.

Relations between Brussels and Ankara

On the possible effects of the EU recommendation die Relations between Brussels and Ankara, Aziz said that “relations between the two parties are strained after Brussels imposed sanctions on Ankara months ago to change its behavior”.

He added that “die Parliament’s recommendation will create more tension, especially since Erdogan die sees gray wolves as a strong arm with which he exerts pressure die Europeans can exercise, and therefore Ankara will not let this decision go unnoticed. “

It is noteworthy that die Organization “Extremist Wolves” their attacks in the last few months in Europe has intensified: At the beginning of April, 4 people, all of them Kurds, were injured in an attack by elements of the extremist organization on a Kurdish cultural center in the center of the city die French city of Lyon.

Europe and die Gray wolves … A shadow of an escalation between Brussels and Ankara

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Reuters)

This attack came weeks after an arson attack in a building in which is an Armenian cultural center in Marseille is where die Directors of the center too die Turkish group accused of being behind the incident.

Last October (2020) die Members of the organization die Armenian community in Lyon, where the monument to the Armenian Genocide was destroyed. Another attack followed a few days later in near Paris.

Although die French authorities last November die After banning activities by the “gray wolves” on their territory, their attacks continued nonetheless, especially given the presence of other Turkish institutions and destinations in France, die at die believe in extremist ideas of the organization.

Since then, Paris has closely monitored dozens of Turkish associations on its territory to find out their orientation and involvement in “terrorist” acts, in order to later ban them as one of them in Turkish institution licensed in Turkey lacks the name of the organization “Gray Wolves”, die yourself in spread throughout Europe as an extremist ideology within the cultural institutions, charities and religious institutions monitored by the Turkish authorities.

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