Europe over die Relationship with Russia: lowest

In a time, in which the European Parliament is expected to vote on a draft resolution, in who strongly condemned the hostile behavior of Russia was the ambassador of the European Union in Moscow, Marcus Ederer, believes that die Relations with Russia are at their lowest since the Cold War.

The European official explained in detail in a press release on Thursday that die Relations between Russia and Europe are becoming increasingly complex, which indicates that they are becoming in have deteriorated sharply in recent weeks, and was referring to the war die Displacement of diplomats that took place between Russia and several European countries.

Still, Ederer showed die Opportunity to settle matters when die The parties agreed and, according to Sputnik, was also of the opinion that in cooperation is possible in many areas.

The European Parliament is calling

The European diplomat’s words came hours after Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko announced that the climate was a field for new dividing lines in relations with the European Union.

During a video conference of the European Business Association in Russia he added that die Inclusion of environmental issues in the economic development process this place of cooperation in could transform an area in which not only unnecessary competition but also new dividing lines would arise, according to him.

In a related context, the European Parliament is due to vote today on a draft resolution strongly condemning Russia’s hostile behavior and die Urges world to stop importing fuel from Moscow if there is in die Ukraine invades.

The project will also call on Russia to stop military build-up and threaten its neighbors.

Ward repel

It is noteworthy that the High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security of the European Union, Josep Borrell, stressed last week that die Relations between Russia and the European Union do not improve. On the contrary, die Tensions are mounting on different levels.

It is worth noting that die Anger intensified after Russia conducted military exercises on its border with Ukraine, die die West concerns about the outbreak of a new conflict in woke the region.

And Moscow checked die from the United States and NATO in the European region is taking action to die Increase and combat readiness of the Ukrainian armed forces die To strengthen presence forward, die increase military threat and announced that appropriate measures will be taken.

It is noteworthy that die Relations between the Kremlin and the European Union as well as America in have been tense recently due to several hot acts, particularly due to the military build-up in of Eastern Ukraine and immersion in a war of displacement and the summoning of ambassadors between them. The parties, as well as the case of the opponent Alexei Nivalni, judged it on allegations of espionage and interference in die elections in Washington to Moscow and others.

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