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European call for a firm stance on the US Inflation Reduction Act

MEPs Markus Ferber and Bernd Lang called for a tough stance on the United States on President Joe Biden’s inflation bill.

Speaking to the Berliner Morgenpost, Ferber, the economic spokesman for Europe’s largest populist party in the European Parliament, called for a hard line on the US.

According to him, if no progress is made with Washington on the controversial law, the European Commission should use all available means and consider strengthening measures to protect trade.

“It will certainly be a nuclear option, which in the current situation remains completely undesirable,” Ferber said.

The parliamentarian pointed to great disappointment with the protectionist measures of Washington and stressed that the law adopted in the United States threatens to further exacerbate the difficult economic situation in Europe.

For his part, Lang, chairman of the trade committee of the European Parliament, urged EU authorities to file a lawsuit against the United States at the World Trade Organization as soon as possible.

He said: “This will confirm that the US measures are completely inconsistent with the rules of the World Trade Organization.”

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