European Commission Alert: Global Conflicts Over Food and Water Looming

Frans Timmermans, president of the European Commission for climate affairs and vice-president of the European Commission, warned on Friday that the company will fight wars over food and water in future if no serious action is taken on the issue of climate change.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Timmermans said global warming is one of the greatest security risks in around the world and urged that efforts to limit their impact should not be undermined by other geopolitical crises, such as the war in Ukraine.

“Climate is security, it’s the same thing,” Timmermans said.

He indicated, according to a report published by the American network “CNBC” and viewed by ” News Agency”, that “the climate crisis will not stop because there is another priority”.

He said there was an “emerging” sense of urgency within the community, that he needed to harness industry and government to enact change.

“If we don’t, there’s no doubt my children and grandchildren will be fighting wars over water and food.”

How many millions of refugees are we willing to accept because some parts of the planet have become uninhabitable? How many more epidemics of hunger will we have to endure because parts of the world can no longer produce agricultural produce? Think about it, Timmermans said.