European Court of Justice: vaccination is compulsory for a democratic society

The European Court of Human Rights, the parents of children, die Denied kindergartens, die Refused admission because they had in the Czech Republic had not received any vaccines against Corona, decided on Thursday in a judgment of the Grand Chamber, die her highest body is.

“This decision increases die Possibility of compulsory vaccination given the conditions die due to the current Covid-19 epidemic, “Nicolas Hervio, a lawyer specializing in the court, responded to a question.

Although Vaccination campaigns begin Warned in many countries around the world die World Health Organization last week before an increase in coronavirus infections. She pointed out that die Number of injuries in Europe “die most worrying in months “.

It was also warned that the vaccination rate in is “unacceptably slow” in many European countries.

Slowness of vaccination

The world organization added in a statement from the Regional Office in Europe added that “the slow pace of vaccination die Epidemic prolonged “, stressing that die Number of new infections in Europe in has risen sharply in the past five weeks.

It is noteworthy that die Organization has warned since the emergence of the new mutant strain of the coronavirus originating from the UK that die Most of the countries of the old continent are “vulnerable” despite the hope that vaccines are, and has repeatedly warned against the wrong sense of security.

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