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European diplomats: we have reached 80% of the nuclear deal with Iran


Senior European diplomats revealed today Tuesday that 70-80% of the draft nuclear deal with Iran has so far been drafted in the Vienna talks.

They told Reuters that there is urgency in talks with Iran, and continued: “But we don’t want to impose artificial deadlines.”

The diplomats also made it clear that what was agreed with Iran is not final and could change.

They revealed that European powers are still waiting for confirmation that they will continue where they left off in nuclear talks with Iran last June.

Side discussions in Vienna (from the Russian delegate’s Twitter account)

Furthermore, diplomats stressed that there would be a problem if Iran did not show seriousness in nuclear negotiations with world powers this week.

As talks resumed in Vienna to relaunch the 2015 nuclear deal, diplomats from the European Union troika in France, Britain and Germany told reporters that they still haven’t resolved the thorny question of what to do with the advanced centrifuges Iran uses to enrich uranium.

“open tour”

The seventh round negotiations began on Monday in Vienna, in order to revive the agreement signed between Iran and the West in 2015.

The coordinator of the negotiations in the European Union, the European diplomat Enrique Mora, stressed yesterday that this round it is “open” in the sense that it could take a long time due to the need for delegations to return to the capitals for consultation, before completing the discussion in the Austrian capital.

On the other hand, the Russian delegate, Mikhail Ulyanov, warned that the dossier is not easy.

lift sanctions

In response to a question posted to him via his Twitter account about the United States’ willingness to completely lift sanctions, as requested by Iran, to revert to the nuclear deal signed in 2015, Ulyanov confirmed that there is American approval to lift. sanctions, in change of the total return of Iran to the commitments foreseen by the text, must agree.

From the Vienna negotiations on Iranian nuclear power – Mikhail Ulyanov

However, the Russian diplomat, who stood out during the precedents round of talks on nuclear power, for his collaboration in to some extent with reporters and for leaking the atmosphere of those sessions at the time, confirmed at the same time that the discussion is currently in course on the list of sanctions that will be revoked (their number and type .).

It is noteworthy that nuclear negotiations started in Vienna last April, before stopping long in June, and resumed on November 29, 2021, with a new Iranian delegation, dominated by an economic nature, to indicate membership. of Tehran to the question of lifting all US sanctions on it after it has exhausted its economy.

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