European general: the West has failed in Afghanistan politically, not militarily

The head of the Military Committee of the European Union, General Claudio Graziano, confirmed that Western countries have failed in Kabul, stressing that the time element was not appropriate.

He added, in exclusive statements to “Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath” today, Thursday, that specific rules and conditions exist for military missions, underlining that the military mission remains in course until his goal is achieved, emphasizing that “you must not inform the enemy of the release date.”

He also said leaving any military mission is when the target is met, adding that European forces are still operating in Kosovo, Bosnia and Lebanon, noting that the mission can be extended if necessary.

lessons learned

In parallel, the general, former commander of the interim force of the United Nations in Lebanon (UNIFIL) stressed that all the lessons must be learned from what happened in Afghanistan. He said the West was defeated in Afghanistan politically and not on a military level, as the objectives have not been achieved.

As for the Sahel region of Africa and its approach to what happened in Afghanistan, he explained to Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath that the Sahel represents the borders of southern Europe, where it represents the corridor to the Mediterranean.

European general: the West has failed in Afghanistan politically, not militarily

From Kabul, Afghanistan

Protect the borders of Europe

He added that we need to invest in institution building in the Sahel region, indicating the urgency of accelerating this process and drawing lessons from the experience of Afghanistan.

Furthermore, he felt that “it is necessary to reorganize the European combat corps and make it ready for deployment in the Sahel region to demonstrate Europe’s willingness to be a strategic actor, and to protect Europe’s borders and populations in need of protection. “

He also pointed out that “in case of emptiness, Europe will be the only one in able to take responsibility within a collective European effort and integrated with the economic, political and military fields “and continued:” If we delay, it will be too late. “

Europe: We will recognize the Taliban only under conditions

Interestingly, the general’s statements come in one moment in which the European Union, whose defense ministers are meeting today in Slovenia, on Thursday, stressed that it will not recognize the government of the Taliban movement except under certain conditions.

Even the High Representative for European Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, stressed that the crisis in Afghanistan will push the Union to develop its security capabilities.

Meanwhile, Gunnar Wiegand, director of Asia and Pacific affairs at the European Commission, made it clear that the union will have to deal with the Taliban, while stressing that Europe will not rush to officially recognize the movement as the new ruler of the country. ‘Afghanistan.

Interestingly, the Taliban, who took control of the country more than two weeks ago, announced more than once their readiness to deal with the United States and Western countries, in an attempt to reassure the West that it would preserve the human rights within what he said were his religious teachings.

However, many Afghan human rights organizations and activists have expressed varying fears over the violations committed by the movement, which has a sad history of repression, especially during its rule in the 1990s.

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