European league links criticize UEFA’s amendments to the Champions League

BERLIN: European national leagues have criticized the changes that will be made by the European Football Association (UEFA) to the Champions League starting in 2024, in in particular the increase in the number of matches and the proposal to offer two places in the two-team tournament in based on theirs record historical. “The national championships in Europe are the backbone of European football, “said Klaus Thomson, head of European leagues, in a press conference today, Friday. UEFA has stated that it will extend the size of the Champions League, starting in the 2024/2025 season, to include 36 teams instead of 32 teams in the current system, and that the tournament will take place in a championship and non-championship system in a system round, bringing the number of matches in it contained 100 matches. Thompson said: “This increase (in the number of games) will destroy the vast majority of club and it will only take a few club”. Thompson stressed that the”standard sports “currently applied should remain the way to determine leading European championship participants and that championship qualification should not depend on the teams’ performance history in passed in the European championships, and not in based on performance in local leagues, which represents safety for big teams should they falter in local leagues. . “This is the heart and soul of football,” she said. “That’s why fans feel the excitement of football every weekend.” (Dpa)