European leagues are opposed to holding the World Cup every two years

Today, Thursday 9 September, the Association of European Leagues issued a press release in which expresses its refusal to the idea of ​​holding the World Cup every two years.

The association, according to the “Sky Sports” network, has expressed its opposition to the proposal of the International Football Association (FIFA) to organize the World Cup every two years instead of four.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino had said that this global amendment would put an end to many meaningless games.

The League has indicated that all European leagues are firmly opposed to any proposal to organize the FIFA World Cup every two years.

“The leagues will work together with other stakeholders to prevent football’s governing bodies from making unilateral decisions that harm national football, which is the foundation of our industry and of paramount importance to club, players and fans in all over Europe and in the world “.

The European Football Association (UEFA) had also opposed the idea in earlier and stressed that it would “weaken the essence” of world football, according to Slovenian president Aleksandar Ceferin.

In a statement on Wednesday, the World Federation of Professional Football Associations also criticized the project, which “would harm the football economy and the health of the players”, explaining that “it would oppose any plans to host the every two FIFA World Cup. years, thus undermining the history and traditions of the competition which means a lot “.

About 50 fan organizations from around the world have confirmed their opposition to the idea, stating that “they have neither the time, nor the money, nor the ability (to reach) the other side of the world every 24 months.”

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