European Mission: Investigate Violence Against Sudanese Demonstrators

With the Sudanese Medical Committee announcing the deaths of 3 people during yesterday’s demonstrations, the European Union has urged leaders in Sudan to investigate the violence that hit the demonstrators.

The Mission of the Union in Sudan stressed the need to conduct independent investigations into the deaths and violence that occurred during the demonstrations, calling for those responsible to be held accountable.

“The European Union reiterates the need to conduct independent investigations into all deaths and associated violence and calls for the perpetrators to be held accountable,” he said. in a tweet on Twitter at dawn today, Friday.

Attacks on hospitals

He added: “The attacks on hospitals, the detention of activists and journalists and the disruption of communications must stop.”

The Medical Committee, one of the country’s famous civilian committees, which played an active role in the revolution that led to the overthrow of the Omar al-Bashir regime 3 years ago, announced yesterday that 3 protesters were killed by the fired bullets. from the security men to the head, thigh and chest in the rallies in the cities of Bahri and Umm Durman

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health in Khartoum state confirmed that security forces broke into Omdurman’s Al-Arbaeen hospital, attacked medical personnel and injured protesters. And he added in a statement that forces surrounded Khartoum Teaching Hospital and fired tear gas into it.

deviation from pace

On the other hand, the Sudanese police pointed out yesterday in a statement that “the demonstrations have seen a deviation from pace and cases of usurpation and violence by some demonstrators against the forces present “, noting that there were injuries between the police and the armed forces.

It also indicated that three people were arrested on suspicion of killing citizens in Omdurman and that 60 suspects were arrested. in total.

Meanwhile, the coalition of the Forces of Freedom and Change, which shared power with the military before October 25, when the military dissolved the government and the old Sovereign Council, asked the United Nations Security Council to conduct a investigation into what he described as premeditated killings and attacks on hospitals, he said.

It is interesting to note that the participants in the protests, yesterday, Thursday, tried to reach the presidential palace in the center of Khartoum, but the security forces advanced towards them and fired tear gas.

While some protesters used gas masks, while many others put medical masks on their faces and used other face coverings.

Some also wore helmets and gloves to take the gas cylinders back to where they came from.

Since last October, when the army imposed exceptional measures and dissolved the government led by Abdallah Hamdok, protests have continued in the country.

Although Hamdok, who resigned in early January, signed a political agreement on November 21, 2021 with army commander Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, this step has not calmed some protesters, who insist on excluding the military component. by the government of the country, albeit temporarily. The protests since last October, according to the Medical Committee, have resulted in at least 60 deaths and a large number of injuries.

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