European official: le prove they demonstrate China’s intention to help Russia militarily

Today, Friday, the issue of Chinese military aid to Russia is back in foreground, despite China’s denials over the past two days.

A senior EU official confirmed that EU leaders have “prove credible “that Beijing is considering providing military assistance to Moscow in the wake of the military operation launched on Ukrainian territory.

The senior official, who asked not to be named, according to “Politico” magazine, also expressed European concern about what he considered “the Chinese courtship of Russia”.

However, he did not say what kind of assistance Russia had requested from China.

Chinese exile

The United States, together with the European Union, had put in guarding Beijing from supporting Moscow, hailing to impose painful “trade restrictions” if it proceeded to provide assistance, both economic and military.

On Monday, however, the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry denied “those allegations”, stressing that they are not true.

Washington has been accused of spreading disinformation on this issue.

In turn, the Kremlin has denied the issue, stressing that its country does not need foreign equipment or weapons.

Criticism of the Russian operation

Interestingly, in the past three weeks, Beijing has avoided criticizing the military operation launched by Russia on the territory of its western neighbor on February 24, blaming the West and NATO countries for the exacerbation of the conflict, due to the expansion of the alliance in Eastern Europe, without taking into account the security concerns of the countries concerned, in particular of Russia.

But China, which is the world’s largest exporter, the European Union’s largest trading partner and the largest foreign supplier of goods to the United States, is wary of slipping. in an open confrontation with Washington or with the European countries, due to the repercussions it will have on it.

Although any pressure on Chinese trade would also have indirect economic effects on America and its allies.

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