European official warns of the leak of intelligence information on the Ukrainian file

A European official said Thursday that “inadequate discussions” on intelligence provided to Ukrainian forces could “lead to an unexpected reaction” from Russia.

These warnings come after the New York Times reported on Wednesday that US-provided intelligence helped Ukraine kill several Russian generals, while the American network, NBC News, reported Thursday that Ukraine used information provided by US-supplied intelligence to target the “Moskva” warship, and the two signatories cited unidentified American officials.

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“We have to be very careful what we do and we have to be very careful what we say about sharing intelligence for the security of the field operation and why we don’t want to enter in war with Russia, “the European official said.

The official put in doubt the New York Times report, claiming that Ukraine was in able to target Russian generals not because of US intelligence, but because the Russians were using the “ex-Soviet doctrine” of sending generals to the front. The US Department of Defense also retracted that report, saying it did not provide information on the whereabouts of senior military officials.

The Russian offensive in Donbas has produced little progress in recent days, but Russia is moving to target Ukrainian railways and other supply lines to limit the flow of weapons supplied by the West to the front, a European official revealed Thursday.

The official, who provided an overview of the latest military assessment, said Ukraine is changing its supply routes on a daily basis to reduce its targets. The official added that the Russian challenge is “human” (low morale and high losses), while the Ukrainian challenge is “material”.

The remaining Ukraine-controlled areas in the Donbass include rivers and urban areas that could make fighting more difficult for Russia.

And if Russia manages to capture what’s left of the Donbass, it could rush to Odessa. But the official said it was unlikely, as Russia likely did not have enough strength to carry out such a difficult operation.

“Our main goal is to stop this war as soon as possible and start negotiations,” the official added.

Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States today set an even more ambitious goal, which is to expel all Russian forces from Ukrainian territory, according to Axios. Similar claims have been made by some Western countries, in particularly the UK, but Vladimir Putin could give an idea of ​​his ambitions in his “Victory Day” speech on Monday.

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