European Parliament: disappointment with restrictions on people in escape from Afghanistan

Today, Wednesday, the European Parliament expressed its disappointment at the restrictions placed on people in escape from Afghanistan.

European Council President Charles Michel said on Wednesday that the European Union must take measures to enable it to better prepare for the military evacuations of its citizens in situations like the one that happened in Afghanistan in recent weeks.

“From my point of view, we do not need another geopolitical event like this to recognize the need for the EU to fight for greater autonomy in decision-making and a greater capacity to act in the world,” Michel said at the Strategic Forum. of Bled. in Slovenia.

In another context, the European Union considered that cross-border attacks threatened efforts to end the war in Yemen.

For its part, Hungary said it had reservations, Slovenia and Austria on the plan to welcome the flight from Afghanistan, considering that immigration changes the cultural identity of Europe and that there are differences within the Union .

Western countries, seeking to get their citizens out of Kabul after the Taliban took power, have relied on the US military to keep the airport operational during air evacuations.

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that America has completed the largest evacuation operation in history, adding that “America has ended the longest war in its history. in Afghanistan “but felt that” the mission in Afghanistan is not over yet. “

In a White House speech on ending the evacuations, he added: “We managed to evacuate tens of thousands of people from Afghanistan despite ISIS targeting Kabul airport,” describing the evacuation from Afghanistan as “historic” and “successful”. “and outstanding operation.

Biden said Washington has managed to “get 90% of Americans who want to leave Afghanistan out,” expressing its determination to “evacuate the remaining Americans. in Afghanistan “.

Biden stressed the need to “not forget the sacrifices we have made in Afghanistan. “He continued:” Despite our training and arming the Afghan forces, they were defeated and did not fight. The Afghan people witnessed the collapse of their state and the flight of their president. “

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