European Union ambassadors visit Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Aden

Today, a number of accredited European ambassadors and diplomats in Yemen visited the new General Court building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the interim capital, Aden.The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will soon resume its diplomatic activity with its current full capacity from the provisional capital, Aden, and will witness a change in quality and achieve new institutional, administrative and diplomatic milestones that will help strengthen its national role in ending the coup and rebuilding institutions state.

The Foreign Minister confirmed that this step would strengthen the diplomatic presence and encourage diplomatic missions to resume their functions from the interim capital, Aden. For their part, the ambassadors expressed their support for this step and their full cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support the legitimate government against the Houthi coup militia.