European Union in Al dealing with the Taliban government does not mean recognizing it

The official European Union spokesperson for the Middle East and North Africa, Luis Miguel, revealed in a statement to “Al”that the Taliban interim government fails to keep its promises regarding the formation of an inclusive government that reflects politics, religion and ethnicity in Afghanistan, as inclusive and representative government is an essential element for the pace and stability, as well as for EU participation in this complex process.

Miguel continued: “To support the Afghan people, we will have to confront the new government in Afghanistan, and this does not mean recognition, it is a practical commitment, and it will increase according to the behavior of this government. In order to measure behavior, we need to standard, here are the standard which we discussed as the basis for the European Union’s engagement with Afghan power holders after the takeover of the Taliban. “

He added: “There is another agreement on the need to coordinate the participation of relevant regional and international partners, which includes a regional policy program for cooperation with Afghanistan’s neighbors in managing population flows from Afghanistan, preventing spread terrorism and in the fight against organized crime, including drug trafficking and human trafficking ”.

And he added: “The future of Afghanistan remains an important issue for us, as it affects us, affects the region and international stability and has a direct impact on European security. At the same time, we will remain committed to supporting the Afghan people.”

He said: “The European Union will judge the behavior of the interim Taliban government, with regard to respect for human rights, the rule of law and the freedom of media, indicating the Union’s participation in the Afghan government’s commitment not to act as a basis for exporting terrorism in other countries”.

He also stressed the need to form a global and representative transitional government through negotiations between Afghan political forces.

The spokesman for the European Union continued his speech, stating: “Freedom of access to humanitarian aid must be exercised in compliance with the special procedures and conditions of the Union that must be respected, underlining the intensification of humanitarian aid and judging movement according to the accessibility they provide a tale assistance in accordance with Union procedures. “.

Regarding the aerial evacuation of European notables, Miguel added: “There will be individual decisions of the Member States of the European Union on a voluntary basis for people at risk who wish to receive them under their protection and to implement this evacuation we have decided to work in coordinated way with the Taliban through the presence of the European Union office. Consequently, the participant in Kabul includes compliance with safety conditions “.

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