European Union: Our relationship with America is very important

Today has die European Union official die Side of divergence folded, die yourself in has opened with Washington in recent years. At the end of the US-EU summit in Brussels on Tuesday emphasized the President of the European Council Charles Michel die Significance of the relations between the two global economic and political powers.

In a brief press release after the meeting, he said that protecting democracy was a common goal between Europe and America.

He also stressed die Importance of the Union’s role in maintaining the dialogue with Iran. “We played an important role in keeping the dialogue channel with Tehran open in order to avoid an escalation,” he said.

In relation to die Corona pandemic, he pointed out that die Union strives to in vaccinate two thirds of the world’s population in the next phase to counter the epidemic.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, spoke again die Importance of European-American relations. In a speech to reporters, she praised die Importance of trade between the two parties.

A new chapter in Relationships

Those statements came hours after European and US officials announced that the European Union and the United States had reached an agreement to resolve their longstanding dispute over illegal subsidies for Airbus and Boeing die To be settled in the aviation industry.

“The meeting started with advances in aircraft after we had previously decided to resolve this dispute, and today we kept our promise,” said the President of the European Commission after the arrival of US President Joe Biden at the summit in Brussels. He also believed that this agreement was a new chapter in the relationship between the two sides.

European Union: Our relationship with America is very important

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

It is noteworthy that US President Joe Biden in had recently intensified its efforts to renew relations with the Union.

Today he met with European leaders to seek a truce in the trade war that had previously intensified, particularly during the era of his predecessor, US President Donald Trump, of tariffs die Imposed the European Union and encouraged Great Britain to leave it.

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