European Union: Putin’s declaration of truce in Ukraine lacks credibility

European Union foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell said on Friday that Russia’s announcement of a unilateral and temporary ceasefire in Ukraine “lacks credibility”, considering that the move implies “hypocrisy”.

“The Kremlin completely lacks credibility and this unilateral ceasefire declaration lacks credibility,” Borrell said during a visit in Morocco.

“Doubt in the face of hypocrisy”

He added: “It was Russia that launched this illegal aggression. When the aggressor talks about a ceasefire, I think the answer that comes in mind to all of us are interrogative before tale hypocrisy”.

Borrell called for “concrete steps on the ground”, including “a complete cessation of military attacks”.

Similarly, he added, “In the absence of such concrete steps, the unilateral ceasefire appears to be a Russian attempt to buy time to regroup its forces and try to repair its damaged international reputation.”

The first truce of its kind

The temporary ceasefire announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin was to begin at 0900 GMT on Friday, to be the first full respite from the Russian military operation in Ukraine in February 2022.

But the two sides exchanged fire in cities in the country’s east on Friday despite Putin’s unilateral order to his forces to halt the attacks for 36 hours.

Borrell said Russia is using “propaganda” to hold European sanctions responsible for high food and energy prices.

“This is completely false. It is the Russian military that has destroyed grain silos, planted mines in fields, destroyed roads and imposed a blockade on Ukrainian ports,” he said.

The Russian attack on Ukraine, which is of great importance in the world in terms of agriculture, has led to an increase in food prices to levels record over the course of 2022, according to UN data on Friday.

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