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European Union: sanctions against drones against Iran separated from nuclear power

After imposing sanctions on Iran for its support to Russia with drones, the European Union has confirmed that these sanctions, relating to demonstrations or the suppression of protests, are separate from the relaunch file of the nuclear deal.

A senior European official said on Monday that “Iranian drones are being used in Russian attacks that could amount to war crimes,” according to the Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent.

The spokesman also stressed that the union has clearly informed the Iranian authorities that Moscow’s offer of demonstrations is totally unacceptable.

Previous penalties

Interestingly, the European Union announced last week (October 20, 2022), imposing sanctions on Iranian officials for their support of Russian forces with suicide marches. Sanctions at the time included freezing the assets of 3 people and one entity and preventing them from traveling in Europe.

He also made it clear at the time that he was “also ready to extend those sanctions to include four other Iranian entities that already existed in a previous list of sanctions “.

The European bloc has also imposed sanctions on Iranian officials accused of repressing the demonstrations that have broken out since mid-last month in the country, condemning the death of the young woman, Mahsa Amini, a few days after her arrest by the religious police in the capital Tehran.

Both Iran and Russia have denied the existence of agreements between them for the purchase of drones, but the United States and European countries have confirmed that they have prove clear to prove it.

Interestingly, Tehran confirmed last week that it has not and will not supply weapons anywhere for use in Ukraine.

In turn, Kiev has confirmed that it has detected a series of Russian attacks using Iranian-made Shahed 136 drones in recent weeks.

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