European Union: We will significantly increase our military support for Moldova

With the escalation of tension and disagreement between Russia and the West over the military operation launched on the territory of Ukraine, the President of the European Council Charles Michel announced that the European Union “will increase in significantly “its military support for Moldova, emphasizing that it is the bloc’s” duty “to support Chisinau, a few days after the attacks in the pro-Russian separatist region of Transdniestria raised fears of a relapse of the conflict in Ukraine.

“The European Union is in full solidarity “with Moldova, said Michel in a press conference with Moldovan President Maya Sandu in the capital Chisinau, as reported by the AFP.

Increase support

He also stressed that it is Europe’s duty to help and increase its support for Moldova’s stability, security and territorial integrity.

In addition, he indicated that the union provides questyear to increase in significantly supported by providing additional military equipment to the armed forces.

3 attacks

These statements came more than a week after three armed attacks against the Ministry of State Security in the capital, Tiraspol, a radio center and military unit in separatist Transdniestria, prompting local authorities to raise the level of terrorist threat to “red. “.

Moscow has strength in that area to store tons of ammunition stored there since before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

It also has holding forces of the pace there after a conflict between the separatist forces and the Moldovan forces.

detached region

Furthermore, Transdniestria, which borders Ukraine in the southwest, is not recognized by any UN member state, although it has its own political entity, parliament, army and police apparatus.

While the Russian-backed party demands that it be recognized as an independent state, Moldova considers it part of it.

Moldova, like Ukraine, was part of the Soviet Union until Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev dissolved the sprawling Communist state in the 1990s. The Russian military operation on Ukrainian soil has exacerbated its security fears, from the expansion of the Russians to its borders.

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