Europeans are preparing a plan to diversify gas supplies

European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simpson said the Commission is preparing a plan to diversify gas supply, which will be launched at the end of this month.

After the conclusion of the meeting of EU energy ministers earlier this week, the European Commissioner for Energy confirmed the European bloc’s refusal to pay in rubles on Russian gas, considering Russia’s demands as a violation of signed contracts.

He said both Poland and Bulgaria were receiving gas supplies from Germany after Russian supplies were cut off.

He referred to the work to strengthen the independence of the European Union in matter of energy, adding that the level of gas storage in Europe reached 32%.

The European Commissioner for Energy also stressed the need to anticipate any interruptions in gas supplies and maintain a state of emergency, with the need to store enough gas by the winter season.

On Tuesday, the European Commission finalized its proposal for a sixth sanctions package against Moscow to drain the sources of funding for its war effort against Ukraine.

It predicts a gradual halt to European purchases of oil and petroleum products from Russia within six to eight months until the end of 2022, with the exception of Hungary and Slovakia, two landlocked countries that depend entirely on deliveries via the Druzhba pipeline, so can continue to import from Russia in 2023

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