Assessment: Tennis World Trip 2

Let’s forget the warm-up and dive directly to the first serve, shall we? Tennis World Trip 2 needs a level of precision from its players that it just isn’t effective in helping with. This is a extreme and sombre tennis sim that bases its take on the sport around the perfect timing of shots and their precision placing on court. It’s a strong concept with a high knowing curve that should prove pleasing nevertheless is rather become an unrewarding and irritating experience by a serious absence of fluidity in the game’s moment-to-moment action, player animations that quit working to cover even basic possibilities, dodgy AI and a framerate in portable mode that isn’t up to snuff.

It’s been a while considered that we have in fact had an actually great entry in the tennis classification and this generation in particular has in fact required to make do with a handful of quite typical experiences, especially in concerns to titles that intend to recreate the sport in an usefulway The extremely first entry in the Tennis World Trip franchise, launched back in 2018, was a rather woeful affair that was rapidly bested by its nearby rival, the AO Tennis series, and although what’s here is an improvement, it still has a hard time with exasperating core gameplay that drains pipelines the enjoyable and enjoyment out of matches no matter just how much practice you want to put in.

Prior to we continue with the various undesirable elements of this one, lets discuss what Tennis World Trip 2 does right, for those who want to bear with its myriad failings. There are a good number of modes to look into, the most comprehensive of which is a profession that sees you establish your own tennis ace (although be alerted the character developer here is standard– we could not even give our bad lad a bit of facial hair) and diving into a crammed calendar where you’ll play exhibit matches for XP, get involved in training workouts, hire and fire agents and coaches and make appropriate cash to go into competitions and buy new rackets, clothes and equipment to pimp out your future world champ.

Rounding out what’s on offer is a tennis school where you can get down to practicing and an online element with a FIFA-esque departments element and the ability to play fast or customizedmatches It’s all completely functional things, definitely nothing we have not seen prior to in merely about any sport’s video game we may point out, however there’s plenty to keep devoted tennis fans busy here, or a minimum of there would be if the gameplay and performance didn’t continually let the entire endeavourdown

The main issue we have with Tennis World 2– beyond the framerate fumbles in portable mode, beyond motion controls we can’t even picture attempting to have a good time with, and beyond an online aspect that’s DOA as far as searching for an opponent is stressed– is the lack of fluidity or skill when it boils down to its core gameplay. This is a game that drills you in the significance of timing strikes exactly, puts in the time to encourage you on the various types of shot you can play and when is finest to play them and after that cuts you loose in a sea of jank that makes doing any of this in a reliable or constant style nigh-on difficult.

There’s a significant lack of standard gamer animations here, implying that things like diving– and even merely leaning over– to reach a shot that’s merely out of reach is an impossibility and players feel slow and rooted to the area as a result. Tame shots fired at you by your opposition will whizz frustratingly by as your avatar remains fixed in position and this is heightened by the AI presuming control of your player randomly throughout games, moving them around the standard, swinging for shots, and jolting forward towards serves when you have not pushed a single button. You’ll pick to lob however the video game will slice the ball, you’ll intend for your opposition’s standard with a completely timed banger that inexplicably winds up in the net or line up a meaty, powerful service return that defies the laws of physics as it wanders slowly throughout the court in totally the inaccurate direction, disregarding the reality that you merely absolutely walloped it.

There is absolutely no net play here either. The tightness of player motion incorporated with that lack of standard animations indicates that getting in and around the net and taking the video game to your opponent merely does not occur Moving for the kill here will result in the ball flying previous your player 100%of the time. Tennis World Trip 2 just isn’t capable of the level of fluidity required to include this crucial part of the sport it looks for to recreate.

Opposition AI, even on more hard difficulty levels, continuously double faults on its serves, strikes obviously simple return shots totally big of the mark and makes good rallies an actually unusual event. It seldom feels, even when you have actually got an exceptional offer with on the timing required to hit a best shot, as though you remain in any sort of control. There’s no sense of skill or complete satisfaction here as unpolished mechanics and a lack of animations continually prevent the action. This is a game that desires you to participate in a specific rhythm and, as soon as you feel like you’re practically there, it changes the music and begins squirming around like your intoxicated uncle at a wedding event.

There’s a serving system at play here that– just like that shot timing mechanic– need to work well. You need to time your initial ball toss in order to effect positioning then time your strike in order to determine the power of yourhit No matter how hard you try, no matter how much time you invest in practicing, it feels flaky, never ever really reacting with accuracy to even a best lining up of its various criteria. Aces here are pot-luck, as is most every good shot or point you deal with to score throughout matches that, for the lots of part, consist of hoping for the extremely best and winning more regularly due to AI mistake than skill.

On top of this lacklustre, unpolished core gameplay, Big Ant Studios has in fact chosen to add a card mechanic that feels absolutely at possibilities with the tried simulation design of the action. Players can use gathered coin, earned here totally through matches, to get packs of cards which can then be made into decks of 5 and taken into video games to use you a series of benefits you can set off whenever you pick to. There are various rarities of card, some have single uses, some have numerous, and they affect things like rate of exhaustion, shot power, serve return success and so on. As odd an addition as it is, it would be a welcome one if it ever felt as though these cards were making any difference. In practice, it’s merely another aspect of Tennis World Trip 2 that feels like it does not work effectively.

It’s all so stunning due to the fact that what’s here feels like it might have been a goodgame When you can’t rely on any aspect of this to work properly, when the AI is inexperienced, your avatar has a mind of its own, there aren’t enough basic animations to sustain a fluid and pleasant match, net play does not exist and, in this Switch port, the framerate can make things hard from time to time, the entire thing ends up being a slog; a video game that anticipates a lot from its players however can’t reciprocate with anything approaching the level of skills required to reward their efforts.

If you’re definitely mad for a simulation design tennis game and have in fact tired every other provided opportunity on Switch, you may have the ability to sustain the myriad failings here and eek out some sort of moderate challenge or limited pleasurable. Otherwise, we ‘d recommend you either adhere to AO Tennis 2– Big Ant Games’ partly far better Tennis offering– or keep your fingers crossed for something totally more extraordinary down the line.


Tennis World Trip 2 is a simulation design affair that needs much from its players however does not reciprocate with a video game that’s capable of matching their efforts. There is a good option of modes here and the basic ideas behind the gameplay may have made for a great time, however a lack of skill in how these things have in fact been executed suggest this one is best avoided by all nevertheless the most careless of tennisfans

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