Every Skin in Apex Legends: Fight or Fright Season 14

Hypermyst, a well-known data miner and YouTuber, has made public the list of all 17 skins for the Apex Legends Fight or Fright event. The Apex Legends Fight or Fright event is now planned for the week of October 3rd, perhaps on October 4th, to be more precise, as we said in our earlier post.

Credit: EA

All Fight or Fright Event Skins:

  • Wraith – Emerald Enchantress (includes one weapon skin)
  • Wattson – Static Spike
  • Octane – Muerte Rapida (has one weapon skin)
  • Revenant – Inner Demon
  • Seer – Bladed Wanderer
  • Revenant – Deadly Teddy
  • Octane – Speedpunk Speed
  • Caustic – So Serious

Returning Fight or Fright skins:

  • Bloodhound – Wicked Harvest Bundle (includes two weapon skins)
  • Bangalore – La Catrina Bundle (includes two weapon skins
  • Caustic – Sweet Dreams Bundle (includes one weapon skin)
  • Mirage – Old Town Bundle (has one weapon skin)
  • Crypto–Night Cipher Bundle (includes two weapon skins)
  • Gibraltar – Born in Blood Bundle (has one weapon skin)
  • Bloodhound – Hunter Within Bundle (has one weapon skin)
  • Revenant – Necro Nightmare Bundle (has one weapon skin)
  • Seer – Our For Blood Bundle (has one weapon skin)
Credit: EA

You can see all the Fight or Fright event skins for Season 14 here:

The past Fight or Fright event page at EA.com has recently been removed, suggesting that the studio is likely imminent.


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