Everything you need to know about Google’s ARCore augmented reality platform

The field of augmented reality is one of the most important technical fields at the moment, as this technology, if used correctly, can change in better human life.

Most of the leading tech companies have started paying attention to this promising field and one of the most prominent of these companies is Apple, which has developed the LiDAR sensor in the latest iPhone phones. As well as Google, which deals with technology from a purely programmatic point of view.

Google is contributing to quest’area with its augmented reality platform, ARCore, which is at the center of our conversation. This is beyond looking at the components of this technique and how important it is.

Augmented reality app creation with Google’s ARCore

Google’s ARCore platform is also known as “Google Play Services” for AR ‘, or Google’s augmented reality services. Consists in a set of development equipment that application developers can use to develop applications integrated with this technology.

ARCore was launched in earlier in 2018 and has since reached a large number of Android phones from different manufacturers. Google’s augmented reality platform also works on flagship and high-end phones media.

ARCore technologies do not require specialized sensors to function. But it mainly relies on the cameras of smartphones in addition to the sensors of all phones, which are motion, proximity and acceleration sensors.

Beyond that, ARCore also builds on a solid foundation software. ARCore also features a technology known as SLAM, which measures changes in position by determining the distinctive characteristics of the elements in the image that the phone’s camera sees.

Depending on factors such as the location, location, and orientation of each of the elements, developers can create more visual elements that the technology can recognize.

This technology can also recognize lighting levels, distances between objects, and more. Obviously it’s more complicated than that, but this is just a description of the simplification.

Uses of ARCore

Google’s augmented reality technologies are available on a large number of Android phones. This is despite the fact that Google manually checks each of these phones to ensure its integration with ARCore technologies. You can see the list of phones here.

Google’s augmented reality technology is of great importance, due to its features and characteristics without the need for hardware additions or modifications. In case in if your device is one of the supported devices, the application is already installed.

Its usefulness manifests itself in many uses, including an application like InkHunter that allows you to view images and drawings in realistic way.

For example, the eBay platform allows you to browse and choose between packaging and shipping boxes. An app like ColorSnap lets you see the walls in your home painted in a specific color of your choice, and an app like GeoGebra lets you visualize and simulate math and algebra elements.

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