Evra: “Halal buffets” were once a source of controversy in the French national team – (Video)

Paris – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: In an interview with French sports TV RMC in on the occasion of the release of his biography, former French international Patrice Evra confirmed that during Raymond Domenech’s training period for the French football team, “halal buffets” were sometimes a source of controversy, mainly because the players did not Muslims liked to “snoop” on it, according to Evra. 🚨. 🎙 Entretien exceptionnel avec Patrice Evra dans Rothen s’enflamme ce jeudi, avec @jltourre, @RothenJerome et Nicolas Anelka. 🗣 A moment d’échange rare ou les trois anciens joueurs se livrent sans aucun filter. RDV from 18h on RMC! fototwitter.com/B8LZxJQQxt – Rothen s’enflamme (@Rothensenflamme) January 13, 2022 Speaking with Evra Patrice, Evra Patrice recalled the problems that existed “all the time” in the French team during the Raymond Domenech era (2004-2010), when the climate was so harmful that “verbal altercations”, especially during meals, when there was confusion about halal food, in light of the preference of some players non-Muslims to eat Muslim food, indicates the former captain of the “roosters” team. With the arrival of Raymond Domenech in 2004, halal buffets were made available to French Muslim internationals, explains former player Jerome Rotten, a guest of Evra in sport RMC. But as his former colleague Nicolas Anelka confirmed, he too in studio: “Some of the players ate halal food, but they could also eat non-halal food”, similar to Jean-Alain Boomsong, who was not a Muslim at the time, and said, “I’m going to eat halal today.” Everyone laughed and imitated his voice, Evra explains. Jerome Rotten says that if non-Muslim players are not satisfied with their assigned buffet, the reason is because “halal meat is tastier than others”. It is an opinion shared by Patrick Evra. Evra revealed when her hero, Claude Makelele, during the 2008 European Championship, “spat out” lamb chops that were in one layer, after his colleague Franck Ribery was shocked that day to see non-Muslims go in turn around and serve yourself between the buffets without discrimination. .