Ex-Obama Photographer Lifts The Lid On That Iconic Osama Bin Laden Raid Picture

Former White House photographer Pete Souza has actually broken down how he concerned take among the most iconic pictures of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Souza discussed the backstory to his picture that’s now called “The Situation Room Photograph”– revealing Obama, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others enjoying the 2011 raid that eliminated al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden– in a 21- minute video that he shared on Instagram on Friday, the ninth anniversary of the objective.

Souza, who recently has actually utilized his public profile to mock and call out President Donald Trump and his administration, remembered being informed in late April 2011 that “something was brewing” which he ought to be prepared to work that weekend.

However he didn’t understand precisely what was taking place, nor when.

“Holy shit, we’re going after Bin Laden,” he stated he believed to himself after lastly discovering the unique ops objective while photographing a conference in between Obama and his national security team on the day of the raid.

Souza kept in mind not fidgeting however “definitely on doubly high alert, knowing that on this day of all days I was the visual recorder of history.”

Former White House photographer Pete Souza has actually broken down how he concerned take among the most iconic pictures of Barack Obama’s presidency.

He remembered picking his perspective as Obama, Clinton and others stacked into the space as the objective was underway. Not able to actually move and pressed versus a printer, he utilized his 2 video cameras selectively to not disrupt procedures.

“The mood was tense,” he kept in mind.

Souza meant what was taking place at the accurate minute he took the picture, among 1,003 he took that day and which needed to be partly blurred in order to conceal a classified file that remained in front of Clinton:

All I can inform you is this. From a public timeline we understand that the raid started at around 3: 30 p.m. East Coast Time which the raid lasted a little over 40 minutes. This picture is time-stamped on my electronic camera at 4: 05 Eastern Time. Actually, till a minute-by-minute timeline of the objective is declassified, that’s all I can state.

“I’m convinced that I chose the best one, that this is the best picture from the room,” Souza concluded.

Take a look at the video here:

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