Ex-president of Myanmar Win Myint says army tried force him to resign hours before the coup

The testimony of Win Myint — be first public comments since he was deposed — challenges the military’s insistence that there be no coup d’état took place, and that power had been legal handed over to the generals by an acting chairman.
Win Myint testified next door Aung San Suu Kyic, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and de facto government leader before the coup, during their trial on Tuesday on charges, including sedition, from letters met their name die were sent to embassies to urge them not to recognize the junta.

win myint, who was from Myanmar head of state, the court said in the capital Naypyidaw dat senior military officials approached him on February 1 and told him to resign due to ill health.

“The President Turned Around” down their proposal, saying he was in good Health,” defense lawyer Khin Maung Zaw said: in an Englishlanguage SMS sent to reporters, citing his testimony. “The officers warned him that the denial would… cause much harm to him, but the president told them he’d rather… die then permission.”

A spokesperson for The pronunciation of Myanmar military municipality did not answer calls to search comment on Tuesday.

Khin Maung Zaw said that the defense rejected the allegations against Win Myint and Suu Kyi while held incommunicado.

Win Myint and Suu Kyi have both dismissed multiple charges against them as false. The defense lawyer, die representing both of them, said Suu Kyi had suggested Tuesday’s testimony made public.

Myanmar has been torn by violence and economic paralysis since the military intervened to prevent Suu Kyi from new government, three months after her party was re-elected in a landslide.

The generals said the elections were marred by fraud, a threat to the country’s sovereignty.

The Vice President, Myint Swe, a former army officer, was sworn in in as president on February 1st and immediately handed over power to the military supervising a state of emergency.

The junta has not made public how Myint Swe took the presidency over by Win Myint.

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