Excitement awaited in the Sudair derby .. Al-Batin tempts Al-Taei

Today, Thursday night, the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup Professional League will enter its fifth round, with two games in the cities of Hafr Al-Batin and Al-Majmaah in the Sudair region.

Al-Batin × Al-Tai

At six thirty-five in the evening at the Al-Batin Club Stadium, Al-Batin and Al-Taei meet in the meeting of the two injured, with the desire to correct the course, especially Al-Taei, who is still looking for a via out of his crisis and circumstances. The bout tends to favor Al-Samawi Al-Batnawi, who has a relative advantage, and occupies 12th place with four (4) points from a win, draw and two losses, while host Al-Taei is in bottom of the league teams in sixteenth and last place without any draw after three consecutive defeats and has a postponed confrontation against Al-Nasr on Tuesday 28 – 9 -2021 in Hail.

Al-Faisaly × Al-Fayha

At the Al Majmaa Sports City Stadium, at 8:30 pm, there is an exciting and great derby between the poles of the Sudair region, which brings together Al Annabi and Al Fahd.

The match takes momentum and distance between the two teams, as is the custom of derbies in made up of emotions, competition, attendance, challenge, say the word and show off high heels. He has four points, occupies the eleventh place, collected by a win, a draw and two defeats, while his traditional rival, Al-Fayhaa , is in third place with seven (7) points, gained from two wins and two draws, and has not lost yet, recalling that Al-Faykhaa has a match postponement against Al-Hilal on Tuesday 28 – 9-2021 in Majmaah.

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