Exciting News: *NSYNC Reunion and First Song in 20 Years for Trolls Movie!

Saying Hello to *NSYNC: Excitement Builds for Boy Band’s Reunion.


The beloved boy band *NSYNC, which captivated Millennials with their music, is making a long-awaited comeback. After two decades, they announced during a VMAs appearance that their first song in over 20 years will be part of the third Trolls movie. Diehard fans expressed their elation on TikTok, creating viral reactions that had people laughing so hard they were crying.

The Reunion that Millennials Dreamed Of

As a young music fan born in 1999, I may not have experienced *NSYNC’s glory days firsthand. However, as a fan of One Direction, I appreciate the significance of this reunion. One TikTok user, ginamaselli23, went so far as to dig out her old *NSYNC CDs in anticipation of their upcoming tour.

Taylor Swift: A Fan Just Like Us

The reunion at the 2023 VMAs left Millennials in awe. Taylor Swift, known for being a fan of the band, was visibly ecstatic when she accepted an award from the group. TikTok user noitsbecky_28 captured this shared excitement, posting a video that shows Swift’s reaction along with the caption, “Me when *NSYNC appeared.”

*NSYNC’s New Song for the Trolls Movie

After their on-stage reunion, *NSYNC confirmed rumors that their first new song in years would be featured in the Trolls movie. Given Justin Timberlake’s involvement with the animated franchise and the success of “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” fans are anticipating another hit.

Prepping for a Potential *NSYNC Tour

Fans on TikTok, such as Evanacklin1, have already begun practicing *NSYNC’s iconic choreography in anticipation of a potential tour. Videos like these showcase the enthusiasm and eagerness for the boy band’s return.

Millennials Unleash Their Dance Moves

Windykinzz’s funny TikTok video portrays what Millennials might look like dancing at an *NSYNC concert, emphasizing their excitement and energy.

The Ticketmaster Fiasco and Hilarious PSAs

TikTok users like mooganboogan jokingly created public service announcements warning non-Millennials about the challenges of acquiring tickets for a future *NSYNC concert. These videos provide a comical perspective on the demand for *NSYNC’s reunion tour.

Anticipating *NSYNC’s First Single in Decades

While fans await news of an album or a full tour, they can look forward to streaming *NSYNC’s first single in decades, titled “Better Place,” on September 14. In addition, the animated reunion can be enjoyed in the movie Trolls Band Together, which hits theaters on November 17.

Counting Down to the Exciting Releases

As we eagerly anticipate *NSYNC’s upcoming releases, it’s worth checking out the 2023 movie schedule to plan a trip to the theater. Meanwhile, continue enjoying the hilarious viral TikToks that are increasingly building hype for the boy band’s highly anticipated comeback.

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