Exclusive details: text messages between Marlie and Swae Lee confirm that they are still together despite her claims that they are ex

Things between Marlie Ortiz and Swae Lee were pretty hectic, and the last time we heard, they said it was ending their relationship!

In a few comments regarding their recent incident where Marlie attempted to break his car windows, Swae claims that they are ex. Well, it seems to be far from the truth. Text messages reveal that Marlie and Swae are clearly having problems.

In the messages, Swae calls Marlie her “queen” and tells him that he does not want to be in a relationship except with her. Regardless, Marlie says they’ve worked on their “toxic” relationship, but he “won’t let me go,” and the feeling is mutual!

Swae however feels different from the situation. In a series of publications, Swae always denies having a relationship with Marlie, and even implies that she does all of this to gain weight.

“I’m waaaaaay too cute for the drama that I’m SINGLE for a minute 202 I’m going to clarify things. I’m just the kind of n ** ga who does all my romance behind the scenes not in front of the camera… like that for a minute, “he said.” Instagram has a strange way of fooling people. Some of the things that were announced didn’t speak for me or represent me well, but don’t worry, I’ll clear up soon things… PS X CLOUT IS A HELL OF DRUGS. ”

As we previously reported, Marlie and Swae had an incident on Friday evening in which she attempted to break the windows of her car. Although it is not clear how the argument started, Marlie was most obviously upset with Swae.

She even posted the video about her story with the caption: “Someone is killing him, I got $ 20,000 in cash for you.”

Things got so messy that Swae’s mother even got involved, responding to Marlie’s video in an attempt to protect her son.

Hope that things are clarified between everyone!

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