Exclusive: Kumar Sanu said – My fellow singer Alka Yagnik had received the National Award for singing ‘From the Veil of the Veil’, why not me?

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla starrer super hit film ‘Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke’ hit song ‘Veil Ki Aad Se’ so you might remember. The song was sung by veteran singers Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik. That year, ‘Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke’ received 2 National Awards, one special film award was given to the film’s director Mahesh Bhatt and the other National Award was given to Alka Yagnik for the song ‘Veil Ki Ke Aad’.

Kumar Sanu’s pain came out in an exclusive conversation with NavbharatTimes.com. Kumar Sanu feels that when he sang songs with the cover of Veil, he sang with Alka, the song was made by the singer. Kumar Sanu has asked, whose song is the song Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ka song from the cover of Veil? His or Alka Yagnik’s? Or of both singers. If both the singers sang that song together, then how did the people sitting in the jury awarding the National Award give the National Award to Alka Yagnik just for this song? Kumar Sanu has not understood this thing even today for 28-30 years.

Whose song was it under the veil of Veil? Mine or alka’s
During a conversation with NavbharatTimes.com, Kumar Sanu questioned, “Alka Yagnik was with me in the anthem under the veil, I and Alka sang that song together. Now I do not understand whether this song was my hit song or Alka Yagnik’s? Because Alka had received the National Award for singing under the veil, I did not. I really don’t understand what was going on? What was not going on?

In many of my songs, the fellow singer received the National Award, but I did not
Sanu puts forward his questions and says, “Who are the people who live in the National Award jury?” Who does not live? Who does what in what way? I have many other songs that I sang with my fellow singers, in those songs, the fellow singer singing with me received the National Award, not me. Wonderful!! Was the National Award angry at me for anything?

I don’t know why this was happening to me
Sanu says, ‘I don’t know what was happening and why it was happening . (concluding with laughter) Well . now it is not a matter of national award, as much as the public wants Hai, pyaar diati hai, that is the biggest award for me. Now it seems, when the public wants me so much, I have such a huge fan following, in such a situation, even if I do not get the National Award now.

I have not received the National Award yet
Kumar Sanu said, ‘I have not received the National Award yet . because . the National Award might think that I do not deserve the National Awrds, so I was not given the National Award.’

I should have received the National Award for 7 consecutive years
Which film do you think you should have received the National Award for? In response to this question, Kumar Sanu said, ‘I feel that till 1990, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95 and 1996 i.e. 7 consecutive years . I should have received the National Award every year from these songs in these 7 years More popular and hit were no other songs. In these years, there was not a single film or a single song, which seems to have a national award.

Now I will never get a national award
‘There were many songs from many films, which won the National Award. I had thought that when the National Award was not received at that time, when many songs of many of my films were hits every year, then what will be further. Even today, I feel that the National Award will never be received now. Because at the time when the National Award should have been given, at that time they did not give, what will they give now. ‘

What is the pride of getting a national award, how can I tell
Did you wait for your name before announcing the National Award every year, that maybe this year you will get the National Award? Sanu says in response, “When the National Award was not received from the year 1990 to 1996, after that the hope left, now I do not think will ever get ahead, at the time it should have been given, at that time not given, what will we give now.” I used to wait 90 to 96 every year because the National Award is a different honor, government recognition, it has a different feel to it. No matter what I say, how can I tell you what is the pride of receiving the National Award?

Too much manipulation is done in the National Award
Do you think there is any politics in the National Award? ‘The public knows that anyone who has received and received the National Award – Padma Award, is truly deserving. There is no benefit from my speaking, too much manipulation and manipulation (Manipulation) are adopted for the National Award.

My achievement is high, I can challenge
Kumar Sanu says, ‘I challenge those who received the National Award at that time, that more achievement is mine than that, I can do this challenge even today, but I do not have to get into all these problems now and get entangled Who got the National Award, is getting it.

The National Award consists of jhol and lochha
‘I never thought in life that I would get any award, I will become a big singer, Kumar Sanu, so I am very happy as much as I got. When there is a conversation about the National Award, then I feel that something happens inside, due to which there is no award for the one with more achievement, who has less achievement, he gets the National Award. There is something to be seen or something, or something.

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Exclusive: Kumar Sanu said – My fellow singer Alka Yagnik had received the National Award for singing ‘From the Veil of the Veil’, why not me?