Exemption of the head of the appeal commission for the “removal of power” of the Bashir regime

The President of the Sovereignty Council and the commander of the Sudanese Armed Forces, Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, have issued a decision to raise the head of the appeal committee, Ali Abdel-Rahman, against the decisions of the removal committee of empowerment, according to Al-Arabiya sources on Thursday.

Al-Burhan has appointed a member of the Sovereign Council, Taher Hajar, as head of the Appeals Committee.

This comes after Ali Abdel Rahman’s decision to restore the isolated regime’s unions.

harsh criticism

Interestingly, after the overthrow of the Omar al-Bashir regime, a committee was formed to remove power and recover the looted funds to restore assets that came from the previous regime.

However, the work of this committee has faced sharp criticism from many political parties. To the east, the Beja Optic Council claims it governs the country, while others say its approach must be fair.

As for the committee, it says that behind these “campaigns” directed against it are the supporters of the former regime.

relational tension

The relationship between the committee and the military component was strained in a crisis that culminated when the police withdrew the security of the committee headquarters, which is said to have recovered more than a billion dollars from the previous regime’s money.

At the beginning of quest’year another committee was formed, which is a committee to appeal decisions to remove power. He also faced great criticism, as he was accused of being behind the overthrow of important decisions to remove empowerment, allowing supporters of the former regime to return to the fore again.

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