Expectations of an upcoming political agreement in Sudan .. and the return of Hamdok

In the last hours of the night a meeting was held between the commander of the Sudanese army, Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, and the head of the government (disbanded last month), Abdullah Hamdok, according to Al-Arabiya / Al – Hadath sources have reported today, Sunday.

Sources indicated that there are expectations that a political consensus will be announced in the next few hours.

Hamdok conditions

He also indicated that the meeting between Al-Burhan and Hamdok, the first since the prime minister left the army commander’s home and remained under house arrest, involved the return of questlast in the presidency.

Furthermore, the information revealed that Sudanese public figures played an important role in the consensus between the two sides. However, he added that Hamdok has insisted on releasing all political detainees and that a consensus has been reached on this issue.

Expectations of an upcoming political agreement in Sudan .. and the return of Hamdok
Protesters in Khartoum carry a photo of dismissed prime minister Abdalla Hamdok (Archive – AFP)

Furthermore, the article stipulated that the prime minister was not appointed by the commander in chief of the armed forces.

It also adhered to the formation of a government of competences without excluding the signatories of the Juba Agreement.

The sources recalled that the review committee of the provisions of the constitutional document, which includes national legal figures, will meet today to resolve the controversial points on Hamdok’s return.

Since last month, several mediations have been initiated to form a new government, but Hamdok has adhered to the condition of releasing the detainees and canceling the exceptional procedures.

American and African condemnation

Interestingly, since the army announced on October 25 (2021) the imposition of a state of emergency and the dissolution of the previous government and sovereign council, there have been international and regional appeals to bring the country back to its original state. via democratic, and the partnership between the military and civilian components that have managed the country since 2019.

Yesterday the United States reiterated its call on the military to return Hamdok to the government, protect protesters and the right of expression. The US State Department and the African Union called for “excessive use of force” against protesters against the military’s exceptional measures.

Demonstrations in Khartoum (13 November 2021 AFP)
Demonstrations in Khartoum (13 November 2021 AFP)

The ministry spokesman also called on the Sudanese authorities to exercise restraint and allow peaceful demonstrations.

In turn, the African Union, which suspended Sudan’s accession after 25 October, urged in a statement yesterday, Saturday, the leaders of the country to “restore the constitutional order and the democratic transition”. Moussa Faki Mohamed, head of the Union Commission, condemned what he described as “the violence that took place on Wednesday against demonstrators”.

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