Expectations reveal Macron’s party has lost an absolute majority in Parliament

The coalition led by President Emmanuel Macron has lost an absolute majority in the French National Assembly, which would hamper the progress of its reforms in its second term, according to expectations announced on Sunday evening at the conclusion of the second round of the legislative elections.

The “Together” alliance is expected to win 200 to 260 seats, which gives it a relative majority that forces it to seek the support of other political groups to pass laws, knowing that the absolute majority is 289 seats, according to the AFP.

big breakthrough

On the other hand, the far-right party achieved an important breakthrough on Sunday in the second round of the French legislative elections, winning between 60 and 100 seats in the National Assembly, according to the prime expectations.

Thus, Marine Le Pen’s party, which faced Macron in the decisive round of the presidential elections, multiplied the number of its deputies 15 times and exceeded the ceiling necessary to form a bloc in the National Assembly, in a precedent of over 35 years.


In this context, the interim president of the far right praised the result obtained by his party in the French legislative elections on Sunday, considering it a “tsunami”.

“It’s a blue wave in all over the country. The lesson tonight is that the French people have appointed Emmanuel Macron a minority president, “Jordan Bardella told TF1.

For its part, Le Pen has undertaken to exercise a “resolute opposition” and “responsible and respectful” of the institutions. She told her supporters in the northern Henin-Beaumont region that the parliamentary bloc won by the far right is “by far the largest in the history of our political family.”

“Failed elections”

For his part, the leader of the left opposition in France, Jean-Luc Melenchon, held Sunday evening that the loss of the absolute majority of Macron’s coalition in the National Assembly was “above all an electoral failure” of the French president.

After Macron’s disappointing result in the legislative elections that will complicate his presidential mission, Melenchon said: “It is a completely unexpected and completely unprecedented situation. The defeat of the presidential party is total and there is no majority.”

Communication with moderate parties

In addition, French government spokesperson Olivia Gregoire said the government will communicate with all moderate parties to find the majority. in Parliament, after Macron lost an absolute majority after the second round of Sunday’s parliamentary elections, according to Reuters.

“We communicate with those who want to take the country forward,” he added.

It is noteworthy that the number needed to reach an absolute majority in Parliament has 289 seats.

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