Expected changes in the Turkish government on the allegations of the Mafia leader

The consequences of the videos, in performed by the well-known Turkish mafia leader Sedat Bekir, die he published on YouTube weeks ago, as it is expected that at least two ministers of the Turkish government under the leadership of the incumbent judiciary will be overthrown and the development party with its ally, the AK party. The right-wing “nationalist movement” under the leadership by Devlet Bahceli after Becker accused a number of senior Turkish officials, including Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, die Relief for the mafia leader.

Several Turkish media outlets expressed the desire of the ruling party, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to dismiss at least two ministers, one of whom is Soylu and the other is current Justice Minister Abdul Hamid Gul, according to the weekly meeting of Justice and Development Party’s MPs “, die took place two days ago.

Expected changes in the Turkish government on the allegations of the Mafia leader

Turkish Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul (archive)

It cannot be ruled out that the Turkish President may fire his current Interior Minister on charges of providing facilities to the escaped Mafia leader after Soylu gave him security information, die on die Indicate the authorities’ intention to arrest him. Although Turkish media reported that die Home Secretary Erdogan’s dismissal could precede tomorrow’s meeting with his American counterpart Joe Biden, an informed source told Al-Arabiya.netthat Turkish President Soylu and another minister could fire after his scheduled meeting with Biden.

According to the Turkish source, Erdogan Soylu and the current Attorney General could be dismissed from their posts after his expected meeting with his American counterpart to demonstrate these dismissals as “reform” measures, die aiming for a “rapprochement” with Washington after much tension in relations between the two countries against the background of American support for Kurdish fighters in Syria, in addition to the American recognition of the Armenian genocide and the purchase of the Russian S-400 defense system by Ankara years ago.

The two largest Turkish opposition parties, Republican People and Democratic Peoples, last month called for Soylu to be dismissed from his post immediately following allegations by the Mafia leader die Ruling party did not respond die matter die The Bar Association demanded for their part die Dismissal of the interior minister and die Start investigations with him.

From one of the videos by the Turkish mafia leader Sedat Bekir

From one of the videos by the Turkish mafia leader Sedat Bekir

Weeks ago, Turkish authorities restricted access to the content of the videos, in which Becker performed and blocked access to his official Twitter account, which he also used to criticize high-ranking Turkish officials.

The Turkish newspaper “Zaman” revealed the desire of the Turkish ruling party to silence the Mafia leader before the alleged meeting between Erdogan and Biden, which actually happened. Becker resigned die Shift the date of the video, in which it seems to criticize the Turkish President one more time after it was supposed to be broadcast before noon.

Turkish sources connected die Shifting the date of the video, in which the mafia leader was supposed to criticize Erdogan, and negotiations between the ruling party and Bekir, as they believed that postponing the date of broadcasting of the video could mean that talks took place between the mafia leader and the Justice and Development Party .

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