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Experienced BCCI scorers ask Ganguly to provide them with “Retirement provision”


These are retired scorers accredited by the BCCI. Around 17 of they have now appealed in unanimously with BCCI President Sourav Ganguly looking for a species of “Retirement pension” after parting in old age of 55 years.

The initiative was taken by veteran Vivek Gupte, Mumbai Cricket Association goalscorer, who on Names of Ganguly has 17 goalscorers across the country. appeals via E-mail for help financially distressed section of indian cricketist ecosystem.

“While we die BCCI asked to raise the retirement age of the scorer, which requires much less physical exhaustion, is the BCCI die Age limit of the referees increased from 55 to 60 years “, complained Gupte during a chat with PTI.

“In our inquiry mail we had also mentions that all of these are “retired” scorers senior Goal scorers who are in of activity of Rating for about three decades. “

The BCCI accredited scorers now receive Rs 10,000 each match Day but in the post COVID-19 world, their income has decreased significantly down with BCCI cannot arrange red ball Tournaments last Season.

However it is die former Goal scorers, who are now according to BCCI. retired policy, who have fallen on hard times with die most of they don’t have a plan B for tough times.

“When we started doing the scoring, we were die Payments meager – less than 50 rupees / – per day senior Goal scorers gave their lives and everything for this rather neglected activity with no great expectations – be it money or name or fame, “said Gupte in his mail.

Gupte asked BCCI to at least take note of it of die Victim made from the goal scorers community for trace a field that more of a passion as profession.

“There were many of Sacrifice – some have given up doing their job die early retirement, many have not made up their minds for promotion in professional careers for anxiety of Shift, die could have resulted in give up Scoring, “they say in the Le Mail.

It also stressed that a decent retirement policy should at die Goal scorers are given.

“Therefore was die Demand that a decent retirement policy framed and placed in place and that die retired goal scorers should be given – retirement benefits through way of a fixed per month pension and / or a one Time flat rate amount and health insurance benefits, “it said.

Through the letter, the retired goal scorers expressed their confidence that die “BCCI will certainly work”. out something fruitful for the advantage of senior Retired goalscorers. “

out of 17 goalscorers, MS Rahman (Jharkhand) died at some point back and Sunil Landge of the Baroda Cricket Association added to the list since December last year. The 17 ‘retirement’ scores owned three by the Mumbai Cricket Association.

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