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Expert: China overtakes the US in world leadership in the production of marches

Experts have suggested that China will take second place after the United States in the march market due to large industrial and human investments in it, its export earnings and high competition in this market.

Drone expert Denis Fedotinov spoke in an interview with TASS about the developments at Airshow China, which is the second drone market in the world.

Fedotinov noted that the wide exposition of drones at this year’s exhibition speaks for itself about the intensification of China’s efforts to create high-tech weapons and military equipment systems, among which unmanned aerial systems occupy a large place.

The expert added: “About 10 years ago, it was surprising how quickly China broke into the ranks of the leading developers of unmanned aerial systems, and now it is no longer surprising that the country has firmly established itself in second place after the United States. and will soon be ready to compete for the lead.”

It is noteworthy that, among other things, according to expert Fedotinov, China presented at the exhibition a vehicle reminiscent of the chassis design of the Russian Okhotnik S-7, an analogue of the Turkish Bayraktar, in addition to ammunition similar to the American one. Made by AeroVironment Switchblade.

It is worth noting that many models of unmanned aerial vehicles were presented at the China Air Show, which surpass many world analogues in their capabilities.

Source: TASS


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