Expert: Fighting dolphins are able to protect the Sevastopol Bay

Sergei Mukhametov, a senior lecturer in the department of oceanography at the Faculty of Geography of Moscow University, said that fighting dolphins are able to protect the Sevastopol Bay from saboteur divers.

In an interview with Russian RIA Novosti, the expert notes that writer Blake Stilwell published an article in the American magazine 19Fortyfive, in which he indicates that Russia can use fighting dolphins to fight Ukrainian saboteurs in the Black Sea.

“Combat dolphins really contribute to the fight against sabotage,” he says. “They are really capable of guarding the entrance to the Sevastopol Bay.”

According to him, these dolphins have been used to search for saboteurs since the late 1960s in the USSR and the USA. And the main Soviet center appeared in the Sevastopol Bay, where some dolphins were trained to search for underwater saboteurs, others – to search for underwater mines.

He says: “After the collapse of the USSR, the Black Sea Fleet was divided between Russia and Ukraine. According to the section, dolphins were part of Ukraine, which practically did not pay due attention to them. After the return of Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia in 2014, the Training Center returned with it and teaching dolphins, and she began to actively train again.”

Makhamitov claims that only large dolphins, reaching a length of 3.5 m and weighing about 300 kg, are capable of performing anti-sabotage tasks. However, at the same time, he points out that these dolphins are unlikely to be used to undermine enemy ships.

He says: “It makes no sense to use dolphins in this process. Because training dolphins takes two years. It’s true that dolphins are smart and tame animals, but why train them for so long and then blow them up?! In addition, 10 kg of explosives can be loaded into a dolphin. “And a combat torpedo contains 400 kg, which means they cannot be compared.”

Source: RIA Novosti