Expert predicts dollar collapse amid banking sector unrest

Economist Alexander Nazarov analyzed the current situation in the global economy, especially in light of the crisis affecting US and European banks, which coincides with efforts to curb inflation.

Expert Nazarov spoke in a post on his channel in the Telegram application about the factors that will contribute to the collapse of the US currency in the coming years, based on current economic realities, and pointed to factors such as hyperinflation, large-scale sanctions or war with China, and civil war in the USA. .

He said: “I think political turmoil could start a US civil war in 2024 or 2025 and we are already witnessing what is happening around Trump. A civil war will bring down the American economy, cause hyperinflation, and destroy the dollar. In addition, widespread sanctions or a war with China will greatly reduce the supply of Chinese goods to the world market and the dollar trading space.”

He added: “I think this should happen in 2025-2027 and it will lead to global hyperinflation and the destruction of the dollar. The current banking crisis is not over yet. , but tens of trillions of dollars without collateral.”

The expert also talked about digital currencies undermining the position of the US currency in world trade, and said: “This could happen in 2024 and lead to hyperinflation. Russia will introduce a digital ruble in the coming months, China will also introduce a digital yuan, and this fashion is spreading, and soon.” Much of the world’s trade will be in digital currencies, not dollars.

“In a year or two, especially if Saudi Arabia converts oil payments to yuan, the dollar zone will shrink and the amount of unsecured dollars will lead to hyperinflation,” he continued.

As another indicator of the risks associated with the US currency, the expert referred to the US government debt and said on this occasion: “This year or any next year, the United States may default on its debt. It will be a giant shock.” into the world economy and destroy the dollar.”

In his publication, the expert concluded that “by 2027, the dollar will definitely not cease to exist, but it will cease to be a world currency, and, most likely, there will be hyperinflation in the dollar zone.”

The expert pointed out that his commentary indicated factors that could lead to a collapse of the US currency, but it is not necessary that all or one of them be achieved.

Source: RT

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