Expert Reveals How Evening Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life: Learn the Secrets to Better Intimacy

The Benefits of Evening Exercise on Sexual Stimulation

Recent research has shown that engaging in evening exercise, such as jogging, cycling, or brisk walking, can have a significant impact on improving the sexual lives of couples. Exercise has been found to increase blood flow and testosterone levels, which can lead to increased arousal in both men and women.

Not only does exercise have physical benefits, but it also has psychological effects. The endorphins produced by jogging can boost emotional mood, providing a sense of energy and vitality that can often get lost after a long day’s work. This newfound energy can help couples overcome the fatigue that often leads them to prioritize sleep or TV over sex.

According to Professor Amanda Daly, from Loughborough University in England, moderate physical activity at least once a week can significantly increase the odds of engaging in sexual activity for both men and women. Feeling fresh and energetic can also influence people’s motivations for sex, and being fitter and more toned can improve sexual confidence.

Furthermore, the physical activity of exercise increases “happy” hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, along with the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin, all of which can enhance feelings of arousal and physical closeness between partners. These hormones can counteract stress hormones such as cortisol, which can often make it difficult to feel in the mood for sex after a hard day of work.

So, for couples looking to improve their sexual lives, adding evening exercise into their routine may be a simple and effective solution.

Source: Daily Mail

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