Expert Week 14 NFL Tips Tips: Tips for Pick ’em Pools, Survivor Pools

If there’s a theme for this week’s collectibles, we don’t overlook the favorites. Season records only mean so much, as recent trends may be of greater importance. For survivor groups, it’s all about balancing potential profit returns with future values. Fortunately, experts from TeamRankings are here again to help with tips and strategy tips for your Week 14 NFL selections.

Armed with the information below, you can calculate bets on 14-week high-value bets on soccer pools and avoid the risk-averse, stylish up-and-coming options. TeamRankings is the only site that offers customized options that maximize your edge in survival teams. As of 2017, TeamRankings subscribers have reported nearly $ 1.5 million in survivor profits.

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Week 14 NFL Get Pool Tips, Analysis

A review of last week’s selection analysis

Last week we discussed three groups: Cleveland, Tampa Bay and Tennessee. At the time of writing this article, Tampa Bay was a hit and Tennessee was an underdog. By Sunday, all three ended up being the favorite team. The public voted against each of them over 60 percent of the time.

As the coffees fought against Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and Tennessee also won. As a result, the public has averaged 1.26 in these three games, while winning all three of our most popular favorites and has won two.

Quarterback | Running back Wide receiver Tight end D / ST | Kicker

Value picks for NFL Week 14 pick ’em tanks

Getting the most advantage in the NFL pick ’em team requires that you know not only the odds of winning each team (that is, how risky an option is), but also how popular an option is. Why; Because when you select less popular teams and you win, you shoot the pool rankings in your office.

Based on payoffs and popularity, the three teams below offer some of the best opportunities to differentiate your Week 14 picks from your team’s opponents. To get all the sorting suggestions for your pool – tailored to the size, rules and structure of the prize – check out the Football Pick ’em Picks product.

Note: Earnings returns and estimated national popular pick data may change between posting and kickoff time. If you want to see the latest numbers, our football updates product updates many times a day.

Favorite value

Week 14 includes three favorites that the public collects at a slower rate than the chance to win. These types of teams are the closest you can get to “no brainer picks” in NFL pick’em contests, as both returns and value are on your side.

Tennessee Titans (in Auckland)

The Tennessee Titans have won five of their last six matches, corresponding to the team brought by quarterback Marcus Mariota and going with Ryan Tannehill. Auckland has lost the last two games with 62 points and has now earned 97 points for the season.

So it’s a little strange that the public still feels a bit in love with the raiders, choosing 61% of the time this week. Auckland is cheated 6-6 (most teams get outscored than they have much worse records) and the public may be slow to respond in Tennessee. Our forecasts have the Titans at No. 12 and Oakland at No. 26, with 7.7 points in neutral. Tennessee is favored by 3 points, and the models give us a 64% chance of winning.

You can get your favorite bet and a team that plays much better late and gains ground at around 60% of your pool if Titan wins.

Los Angeles Chargers (in Jacksonville)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are another group going in the wrong direction, and the public does not seem willing to jump out of them. The audience gets the Jaguars 59% of the time, and the Chargers are a 3-point favorite in this game.

Jacksonville has lost four games in a row, all with at least 17 points. They fought Nick Foles in the final half of the game and regained Gardner Minshew in the quarterback.

Part of the reason people favor the Jaguars in this one is that the Chargers are also 4-8 and that was a disappointment. But unlike Jacksonville, the Chargers were in just about every game. The Chargers are an amazing 2-8 in scoring games this year.

Dallas Cowboys (in Chicago)

You’ve probably seen the factoid that the Dallas Cowboys haven’t beaten a team with a winning record this year, and that continued on Thanksgiving when they played terribly at home against Buffalo in a nation-wide match.

Well, with Chicago sitting at 6-6, this factoid will continue to apply regardless of the outcome of this game. The Cowboys can either be criticized for only winning bad teams if they win, or losing to good teams if Chicago beats them.

Dallas is favored by 2.5 points in Chicago, with a profit of 57% and the public gets the Bears more than half the time (53%) right now, so there is value for the Cowboys.

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Week 14 NFL Survivor Pool Pick Tips, Analysis

Overview of last week’s Survivor Analysis

With the public largely going to Carolina, we recommend to the Chiefs more than half of our subscribers. So, for the second time in a month, over 60% of the public was devastated by major upheavals, while our recommendations survived at a much higher rate.

The public continued to survive at 37% in Week 13, while our recommendations survived 70% of the time. Overall, based on elimination rates each week, only 0.6% of public participation is estimated to be alive compared to 4.8% for our recommendations. This equates to a survival rate of about eight times that of the general public.

Week 14 survivor pool destruction

Green Bay, Houston, and Minnesota are the first to lead survivors to the 14th week Green Bay Packers is the most popular choice (39% popularity of choice) that hosts Washington and has the highest returns of the week at 87%.

The Minnesota Vikings have a return on profit (85 percent) almost as good as Green Bay, as they play a Detroit team starting quarterback David Blough. It is also much less popular (10 percent). This is because Minnesota has been used for several weeks, including using more than 50% of the public back in Week 8. The Vikings have the highest expected value because of their high returns and low popularity, but they are not many records available.

The Houston Texas popularity rose to 24% this week. The Texans are a tier below the Packers and Vikings in win odds with a 79% chance of winning against Denver. They also have very low future value and are the most likely team available this week among the three most popular, for many entries.

As always, other options this week may be the best game for your particular pool. If you need help deciding who to use this week, check out the NFL Survivor Picks product for tips tailored to you.

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Get your 14 Week Survivor Pool selection recommendation

Once you get to know the NFL Week 14 best value opportunities, you can increase your chances of winning your pool by training them in games. But there are many possible decisions. Not all of these will make sense for your particular pools, and it takes a lot of data and math to get the right answers. Fortunately we have built the technology to do all the heavy lifting for you. You can use the links above to learn more about data-based game predictions, betting options, and custom selections for select and survivor collections.

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